Monday, August 20, 2012

Into Green

Image Courtesy: Google Images

By the window side, with faces unknown
She sits amidst them,
looking at the red soil.
The Ploughed Soil.

Beholding the farmer,
She sits there, by the window.
The Farmer, 
Who is straightened with faith even when creased with fears,
As he waits for the red to turn green

She looks out, into his eyes.
while ignoring those inside, waiting for her
like the vultures for the dying to die.
Sitting there still, she moved ahead.

Away from the crumbled bed covers,
Leaving the warmth of blanket,
That yellow blanket, thrown at that corner most corner of the seat
Leaving that bottle half empty,
that packet of chips half eaten

Leaving the farmer, the anticipation behind
Like drop of rain journeying away from clouds
She moved ahead
To the Earth,
to turn it green.


  1. Brilliant stuff!

  2. The array of emotions portrayed in this poem is mind-blowing. Earth and the connectivity to it, also the desire of staying back is heart-wrenching. Moving to the green pastures or rising above it, Sigh!