Thursday, January 17, 2013

Arunachal in News. Oh its a positive one!

Image Courtesy: Google Images

Yes, for a change Arunachal has managed to get a little attention from the media for something positive. This doesn’t mean the state has only controversies to offer. Unfortunately its mesmerizing nature, unexplored interiors and indigenous tribes is not enough for our Delhi-centric media which seems to focus more on negative rather than on any positive development news.  

Arunachal Pradesh has mostly been in news because of China’s insensible claims. Not because that is the “only” happening in the state but because of the media’s indifference not just towards Arunachal but entire North East. How? We will get on to this topic later.

So now what is the positive thing? Our very own Arunachal has been voted as the 'Favorite Upcoming Destination' by the magazine Outlook Traveller. Now I know this is not BIG news but it is definitely a positive one. Isn’t it? The state, in spite of incomparable natural beauty and exotic culture, does need exposure so that everyone from all over the world can also experience the same. This recognition comes as a first step towards the same.

Having lived 17 years of my life in that land of rising sun, I do call myself as partially Arunachali too (along with having slight shades of being an Upiet, Bangalorean and yes Hyderabadi).  So this explains why I am so happy. I have always admired the untouched beauty of this state. Its calm atmosphere and simplicity of life has always enticed me. Its been almost 8 years since I left the state but not even a single day goes without me wanting to go back to that pleasing calmness.

And now I miss Arunachal again!! 


  1. Hi Richa,

    Indeed, the North eastern states are a lovely place. I've only been able to visit Gangtok and Lachung but the beauty is very serene and divine.
    Lovely photo. :)


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  2. I simply hope that Outlook won't destroy Arunachal!

  3. This blog made me nostalgic Richa.. Good one!!

  4. Have seen a lot of India including the East but somehow missed Arunachal! Would love to visit someday:)

  5. @ Jay Singh: So true..the nature is at its best there..isn't it?

  6. @Magiceye: :) You must visit and do share you experience with us! :)

  7. @Tomichan Matheikal: Ya lets hope so..over exposure will kill it for sure but as of now it does NEED some recognition..

  8. @jahid: Isn't it? I totally agree with u :)

  9. @Rahul Bhatia: Ah then you must see Arunachal too and I shall go on for seeing rest for India! :D

  10. I have never been there and I agree with you when you say that we ignore North-East. Remember that scene from Chak De! where North-Eastern girls were greeted by the clerk and she said, "How would you feel when you are welcomed in your own country?" Sums up the entire attitude.

    It's great to know that AP is featured in the list. :)

  11. @ Saru Singhal: So true..the representation of north east in media is disappointing..hopefully it will improve gradually :)