Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Liebster Award...

First of all thanks a lot Akash for nominating me for Liebster Award, my very first Liebster award.  I didn't have to Google it. Reading this post was more than enough! :)

So here is the list of my 11s! As per the rules, we are accepted to do not many but a few things. The only peculiarity is that we are supposed to do everything in 11 nos, don't know why. I guess I do need to Google about it and find out more. So let me go back and update myself. And till then you can continue with your reading! :)

11 things about the blogger:

If you don’t want to piss me off don’t EVER ask me which place I belong to. Not that I have any problem with the place I lived in but because there are too many places where I have stayed and can relate to.

I LOVE music…all kinds and all languages, irrespective of whether I can understand it or not.

I LOVE writing. Obvious, isn’t it?

I have recently started occasional cooking. Only started, not planning to make it a habit though.

Talking about food. I LOVE Italian and love to try Mexican too sometimes. Ravioli is my fav. Fondue too. In fact anything and everything with cheese in it. :P

I want to travel and just travel all my life.

I am currently reading Amitabh Ghosh's Sea of Poppies

I get high and super excited when someone praises my writings.

I do use sarcasm a lot and do like it when people use it intelligently, even if it is on me!

I am movie addict.

I can watch and watch and watch FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory.

So now we come to answering 11 questions from the nominator:

1. What is your most embarrassing moment?
-       When I accidently went to a men’s washroom. Fortunately there was no one apart from the waiter watching me from outside! 
2. Craziest thing you did.
   -  Once followed a snake till I got lost.
3. The person you miss at this moment
-       My sister and a few friends.
4. Have you watched any Rajinikanth movie? If so, which one?
-       Yes I have. Robot.

5. Which advertisement do you like on TV?
- Surf Excel Daag Acche Hain.

6. Your best friend has done something wrong to you behind your back, without your knowing.
     What would you do?
- If its without my knowing, I can’t do anything. I am anyway unaware that my best friend did it :P
7. What is your most precious possession?
- My collections of my poems and some gifts from my people.
8. Which thing do you look for in a date, if at all you have had one before or in the future?
    (Money/ Profession/ Physical appearance/ any other)
- His outlook towards things important to me (I shall soon share the list) and his intellect.
9. Favorite hangout place to spend time with your friends.
- The rocks by the side of lake at the campus of University of Hyderabad.
10. What is your short term dream?
- To write more and more.
11. Suggest a unique name for my blog, according to what you feel about it.
- Akash Writes

And now here is the list of the bloggers I nominate:

Questions for them:                         

1.       The thing which you never want to lose?
2.       Your dream destination?
3.       Animal you would like to keep as pet?
4.       What you wanted to become when you were a kid?
5.       If ever given a chance, which political position you would like to acquire?
6.       Which is the best book you've read recently.
7.       Which one you prefer-Silver or Platinum?
8.       Favorite cuisine?
9.       If given a chance, which Disney character you want to become?
10.    F.R.I.E.N.D. S or How I Met Your Mother?
11.    Water or Vodka?

I have informed nominees by commenting on their one of their posts. 

I have informed nominees by commenting on their one of their posts. 


  1. Loved reading about yourself Richa....Lol @ most embarrassing moment :P Hope you don't repeat it..:P
    Keep blogging!! :)

  2. Hey congrats dear ..
    lovely blog .. keep writing ..!!

  3. @Akash Govindarajan: lol! me too! :P

  4. @Anu ~*~: thanks a lot dear...keep visiting :)

  5. @ Ajay Kontham/; hey thanks so much!

    @Mohit Raja/; dhanyavad :) par bebaak ka matlab kya hai..yehi bhi bata dijiye :P

    @jahid: thanks a lot :)

  6. Congratulations and how did you enter men's washroom. :)

    Even i can watch friends over and over again. I watch Friends Bloggers on Youtube sometimes. And it's quite obvious you love writing. And do share your poems, would love to read it.

    Thanks a ton for nominating me, truly honored. BTW, you are blogging since 2009, that's an achievement. You should be proud of that. :)

  7. Congratulations Richa and thank you so much for passing it to me..:-)

  8. @Saru Singhal..when all the attention is on the phone in your hand..things entering men's loo do happen you see :P

    Isn't it..Friends is just AWESOME :)I have already published a few of my poems..have a look whenever you have time -

    your welcome! I LOVE the way you blog :)

    he he...thanks...but have been very post in 3-4 trying to catch up :P

    1. You know I don't carry a phone, many find it strange but having a cell phone is a headache. I read your poem a while back, commented on few.

      And it is a big accomplishment to maintain a blog, irregularity is associated by other important commitments.

    2. hey thanks so much..u took your time to read my poems..i really appreciate that :)

      so true...we have to see many a things before taking our time out for blogging...but yes thanks anyways :)

  9. @A Homemaker's Utopia: thanks! keep blogging! :)