Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Uncle S is a human. He fought with his wife!

Working in an Ad agency is not very easy. One mistake in writing the copy and you can lose your client. This is what happened with our beloved Uncle S. He wrongly spelled the client's name in the creative brief, every single time! Then what…something happened which was bound to happen - Client left the ad Agency (obvious)
And after that something more happened which was also bound to happen- boss's interaction with the copy writer our very dear Uncle. 

Boss (shouting): We have lost one of most important clients

Uncle S: I know. Quite Sad.

Boss (irritated): I know that!! I am not a TV channel airing news of the hour!
Uncle S: silent and agreeing!   

Boss: (still shouting, now with heightened irritation): Your one mistake has lead to such a big loss. Do you even realize this!

Uncle S: (calmly) I am extremely sorry for the loss. I will make it up to you.

Boss: What? How will you make it up to me! We are not having an affair for God’s sake.
Uncle S: I never think of you in that way sir. This is out of question. I meant..
Boss: (interrupting him in between): This has caused crores of loss. Will you be able to pay? 

Uncle S: (now emotional) What can I do Sir?
I am also a Human. I can do mistakes. I fought with my wife that day!  

Boss: ...................(He couldn't say anything!. Words just refused to come out and face Uncle)

p.s: A person has actually, in all his senses without any alcoholic or similar consumption,  said this in a meetting! :P


  1. Hahaha.....Definitely not a corporate material if the uncle couldn't just leave aunty and her issues at home. :)

    1. flamesofthoughts: Exactly but thanks to Uncle pre-occupation, I got my story :P
      betwn thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Hmm! interesting mistake by Uncle.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Debajyoti! Hope to see you again! :)

  4. I know why boss became quiet. He must be reminded of his own or that he found the discussion so silly to entertain. Happens...not his fault, nor company's either. They should try and take clients on drink and request to resolve.

    1. Ha ha..great idea numerounity..we must suggest them! :D

  5. LOL! That was funny, the news channel and affair lines were too good. :)

  6. BTW, I loved your contact me column, do you mind if I borrow the idea?

  7. @Mythly jagan: Thanks a lot ya! :)

  8. ..good one..that shows who is the real boss at home.. :)

  9. @rigzin: lol..yes! between thanks :)