Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vishwaroopam, Religion and the Indian Cinema...

Lots have been said on the movie Vishwaroopam and that was the reason why I went to watch this movie.

Sheer curiosity! For a girl who doesn't know how to speak even a single comprehensible sentence in Telugu, watching a Telugu movie doesn't come so naturally to her. (Although I have watched Eega too but that is an altogether different we will talk about it later)

Trying to understand the dialogues reminded me of those freaking theorems of Physics which I could never solve. Yes yes...I just managed to clear my science subjects in 12th and after that never ever I looked back at anything even slightly related to Chemistry, Physics or Maths!

Okay so now about Vishwaroopam. In spite of my language barrier there were a few things which I could see clearly...absolutely clear. I do wonder why some of the “thinkers” of our society fail to notice them and got misled. The protagonist of the movie is a Muslim, a patriotic, broad minded, charming man with secular values who in no way cast a wrong light on any particular religion or on any community. The movie deals more with the issue of terrorism, plight of common man and the life of the fighters along with a slight touch of romance and humor here and there. Without taking any side, it has tried to present a realistic picture of different lives at different places. I failed to see how it is creating a negative image of one particular community as claimed by many. Instead of that, I saw a griping story, an amazing cinematography, brilliant camera work and an outstanding performance by Kamal Haasan.

It is disappointing to see how good movies which are nothing but a fine outlet of creativity are curbed for reasons so baseless. If we can’t understand an artist’s mind, we should at least leave them alone. No creation can take its full form unless given complete freedom. Indian Cinema is still in its growing phase, if weakened now, it will never be able to grow. 


  1. Damn! :P you were lucky to watch vishwaroopam! It has not yet released in TamilNadu! :(

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  3. @Akash Govindarajan: uh oh..i know..its quite unfortunate that the movies isn't still hasn't been released in Tamil Nadu... hoping it will be released soon :)

  4. you can also opt for the option mentioned above @snigdha G...after all its worth taking the trouble of travelling and watching :)

  5. Trying to ban a film after Censer board approval is simply political harassment.

  6. @Ananth Vitlani: I know..the current situation is just appaling...

  7. I said on FB, 'There is no room for creativity in our country. Everything is banned except for crime.' We are one country who are expert on creating mountain out of a mole hill. I would love to watch this movie but dubbed in hindi/english :)

  8. @Saru Singhal: Exactly..sad but true! creativity has no freedom here..which is very very unfortunate.
    You know even I can't understand Tamil or Telugu but just went for the movie as I wanted to see what in this movie has made them ban it! and as expected I couldn't find even a single good enough reason.

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