Wednesday, October 23, 2013


When your reluctant smile
had sparkle the light in me
When you extended your arms
inviting the life back for me,
You, without uttering a word 
said what I longed to hear.
Its then,
When your broken song, 
turned a melody to my ears 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ahmadabad: Sweetness coupled with fluency

Have been having an eventful year- the very reason why I haven’t been able to pen-down regularly, in fact not even once in a month. Although I have been writing for work but that again that’s FOR work…!

So what have I been doing all this year? Handling all kinds of issues which I have in abundance … but all this has a good part too...I have managed to travel a bit as well…After all not all days are gray.

Its been just a few days since I came back from Ahmadabad. Visiting Gujarat was not in my list as such but when any travelling plan pops up, I usually find it very difficult to say no. In fact there was a point when I have decided to never visit that state, forget admiring it. As you know by now, I did visit it and to my surprise somewhat liked it too.

My introduction to the state started with my conversation with a Gujarati Uncle, whom I didn’t like initially. I can’t point out any specific reason but his crooked nose made me doubt his intentions for quite a considerable time. Even his gestures to help me or my sisters appeared to me as absolutely out of place. It was as if ‘Aasharam has come up to fight for women rights’. Yes you got it…completely fake and impossible. However, I did shed my bias eventually when he started speaking about his office and his father and how he has been fighting corruption in his own tiny way.

Okay let me leave our Uncle on his very seat and move on to the city. Information about the city, state and the places which you must visit can be easily Googled. So don’t worry I shall not utter even a word about it.

What amused me when in Ahmadabad was the use of the Hindi language and the kind of fluency it is spoken with!  People spoke as if they are reading a highly refined Hindi novel. They had “hasth prakchalan” for hand wash and many other heavy words written here and there which I, someone who speaks Hindi (slightly corrupted one) as her first language failed to understand. I had to often seek my Dad’s help to understand the instructions and random hoardings. Even waiters communicated with such fluency that I had to rethink about my understanding of the language. Having communicated decently in places like Kerala where I had no idea about their language and they had none about mine, I struggled in a place where I least expected it. Nevertheless…my umms and ahhs and hundreds of hand symbols worked here too.

Now the food, as always it received maximum of my attention. Apart from the uncalled touch of sweetness in some of the dishes, food was overall good. Still I like the Gujarati food that we get in Maharashtra better. Twisted version is always better after all. Not to forget about Khandvi, which I tasted here, was AWESOME. A sweet vada pao was a huge disappointment but freshly prepared, piping hot fafda with raw papaya chutney made my day. I can go on describing all the dishes I tried but let me save it for later.

So more on Ahmadabad later! 

p.s. I did like the roads there! Not exactly the way they have been shown in some of the videos on you tube but are still quite impressive! 

Monday, October 14, 2013


A slightly old poem...but thought of publishing it here it is....

Engulfing the freedom, they tried to capture it
But could they to achieve?

Playing the game of deceit,
They lost
to the plot of trust I placed

Sleeping with a body of steel
On their
Bed of thorns,

I used an eraser of strength
On the
Painting of pain, they drew around me

I seek the shelter of love
When they
poured the rain of hatred

Are they still to succeed?