Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No, I won’t write on Diwali!

Diwali has just gone by and as usual everyone is writing and posting their pictures about it. So, No, I shall not write on it any further and bore you as well as myself. Instead of that, I will write on Debrugarh! :D

No no, there is no similarity between the two. In fact no connection whatsoever! Diwali as you know is the DIWALI while Dibrugarh is a small town of Assam. Nothing touristy about this place yet I love this tiny town, lying amidst the natural beauty which North Eastern India boasts of. You might not have even heard of this town.

Dibrugarh connects Arunachal Pradesh to Assam and so to the rest of the country via both roadways and waterways, the reason why I have often visited this town. Going via ferry used to be the most effective means of transportation. In fact it still is. It is the fastest modes of transportation as travelling on “kaccha roads” takes a little more than estimated time. 

I used to love watching the vast expanse of Brahmaputra River during these ferry rides. A view that made me love those journeys which were otherwise quite difficult, literally. Wooden seats are unusually small and ferries are always filled with more number of passengers than it can handle, just like BTMC buses. Yet I loved them, for the sheer beauty these journeys offered.

This was the first time that I stayed here for 3 days instead of just dropping by for a few hours. Reluctant initially, I liked this place as I explored it. Bank of Brahmaputra River, although not very clean, does make for a beautiful scene. Looking at shimmering sun going down the sparkling water as cool breeze caress you is an experience I will remember all my life. Strikingly beautiful road to the airport is another thing which impressed me. The road to airport is surrounded by tea gardens on both the sides which does make for a pleasant ride indeed.

This place didn’t just soothe me with its natural beauty but also took good care of the shopper in me. The Burma market was a delight with its amazing collection of stylish bags and dresses. By the time I was done shopping, I had a bag full of clothes, bags and sandals and all these in just a few thousands!Now about my surprise I did tasted some of the best north Indian dishes here, in a small town of Assam! Slurp!