Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wish I was a doctor treating my enemies! With due respect to the field, off course ;)

Have you ever wondered how doctors and nurses would be feeling while inserting needles inside us or slicing the skin of their patients! I guess nothing much. Off course they are used to it and by now know how to not let have themselves get affected by so called ‘emotions’, empathy to be precise.

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Blood tests are no big deal. We all know that. Although slight painful, it is just a matter of few seconds. A comparatively thick needle is inserted in one of your blood vessels to suck out as much as blood required. That’s it. Matter ends there.

Ct Scan, X rays and all those high profile ones with huge machines are still better. However, illnesses which they are used to diagnose don’t fall in anything close to good or better.

Endoscopy is one of the most painful tests, so tiny yet so painful, just like those damn ant. No matter how tiny it appears to be, never ever let it enter any of your hole! The experience gets even more memorable when your doctor put that wire like rod inside your nose and decides to have a discussion at that very moment; moving it inside your nose as if inside it’s a free space to loiter around.

Another thing you must avoid is the skin allergy. No matter what allergies you have, make it point to find it out solely with your observation. If in case, you decide to get it done, not just you shed a lot of money but are subjected to heights of boredom and yes a bit of pain too.  

Fortunately, may be not, my doctor decided to get my skin allergy test done to find out reason of my allergies. When she asked me I had happily agreed till I went into that dreadful room. Inside the room, there was an extremely pleasant nurse who smiled to me more than required.  Not sure if that smile was because of the test she was going to do on me or for the fact that I am sister of one of the prominent doctors at their hospital.  Whatever the reason was, she smiled. And the more she smiled, the more I got suspicious of her motives.

So what happened next? She came to me and asked me what I am allergic to.

“I don’t know. This is the reason why I have come here. To find out what I am allergic to.” I thought but didn't utter a single word. Instead like one of those obedient kinds I tried to tell her of the things which I thought I could be allergic to.

At last, she decided to test me for 17 different allergens.  She chose not to explain me how she was going to do it. All she did was to make me extend both my hands and place them over the bed; like an eternal begging gesture. I sat there with my arms and palms extended. Then she came with a box with numerous tiny bottles, each with a label of its name. These bottles had food, dust and all kinds of allergens inside them. So what my lady did now. She came and marked 17 sites with a pen on my hand and then placed drops of those 17 allergens by their sides.

“Ah this is easy. Now she will just see if I develop any rashes on skin and I will be done with it”, I thought.  
However, soon I was stuck with reality when I asked her.

“This is it? Will you just notice any changes if they occur?” I asked.

“No”, she replied.

“Then?”  I asked again. This time slightly scared.

“I will insert all these allergens into your blood now”, she replied while coming to me with a tiny blade!

No matter how small, it is no joke if they prick you 17 times on your hand.  

How I wish I was medico treating my enemies...just for once! 


  1. Oh My God. Do they really do these sort of tests for allergies? Glad I read it here! This must be a painful experience for you. I am big time scared of needles!

    1. Yes Shesha, you got a unique name. Loved it :)
      About the tests, yes they do. Even I came to know all about it recently.
      Pain of those needles does hit you but it is the time which this process takes to get over is what irritates you the most!

  2. Humorous pain :-), loved the way you portrayed your painful experience !

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.