Monday, May 19, 2014

Promises, on a dark night ...

It was a darkened night 
when moon seemed so cold,
You had called it a night so bright
You promised me the warmth of fire 
when the strokes of winds were freezing the soul in me

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glamour Doll

Dressed in silk
And in diamond
The one I bought from the shop of pretensions
I wondered like a Glamour Doll.

Brightening the darkness,
Fading with the light,
I hovered like a firefly

Caught in the ornamented desert
I concealed the greenness of my simplicity

It was the night when
when I had existed like a fly; 

The one who was trapped inside a Caterpillar. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goa...Yes Its crazy!

I love surprises, who doesn't? They make you feel special and loved. Isn't it? By the way I am talking about those "good" surprises. The kinds which leave their mark in your life- the best kinds. My trip to Goa, yes my very first visit to Goa, was a surprise gift. 

Initially I was told we are going for the Highway movie. I said "yes, let go"

 Next day I was told we are going to Baptla, for a day.  I was pleasantly surprised. I smiled and said again “Yes lets go! 

As you can see how accommodating and cooperating I am, I was ready with my tiny bag for a day trip too.

Then in evening I was told we have to take a connecting bus to Baptla. I said “cool. Lets take”.

Instead of getting into any connecting bus, we boarded the bus to Goa. And thanks to my amazing spatial understanding, it didn't take much time to convince me that this bus will drop us somewhere near Baptla!
But then truth had to make its way out and it did, in its own way. The conductor came to check the tickets and then, at that very moment I saw the ticket with those magical words written on it “Hyderabad – Goa”. 
I didn't scream with happiness, I didn't shout and I didn’t even cry. I know that how melodramatic it would have been if I did any of these. So thankfully I just sat smiling. I was basically lost, off course with happiness.  
That’s how my first trip to Goa started. It took almost one day to digest the fact that I am in Goa.  

                                                          Morning at Calangute Beach

So how was my Goa experience?  Oh it was BEAUTIFUL. Goa is a place which can make even a boring person like me to go out and live life to the fullest. No no I am not making this up. Seeing me going crazy, my friend had actually told me this!It can makes “oh-not-so-loud” person also sing at the peak of her voice, and yes in the middle of the road. It makes you dance on bike. 

Not just eccentricity and partying, Goa is perfect for a candle lit dinner by the beach side, or  to just lie down, listening to the deafening yet reassuring sound of waves as they come closer to you and in an instant  leave you too.

What more? You have not just two or three but MANY beaches to hop around.  Have a peaceful morning at a secluded corner on the Anjuna Beach or just have a relaxing afternoon at the Calangute beach or trip on the live music at the Arambole. You have too many ways to entertain yourself.

You have those regular visits to churches and lakes as well. Nightlife of Goa is something not to be missed so is the shopping here.  As you know that my trip was unplanned so shopping here proved to be the most useful.  I wore almost everything I bought at the beaches.

Not many would suggest but let me say - go for a ride to the old Goa. On perfectly isolated roads, passing through the captivating surroundings makes for a memorable ride which become even better when you are caressed by refreshing breeze.

Then you have amazing Maupsa streets offering you f interesting gift choices to take back home. You have hawkers selling handmade anklets to colorful woven bags. Also buy a few packets of  spices and dried fruits to make your Mom happy.

Coming to food, the most important part! Don’t go for fancy Italian or Mexican choices. If at beach just stick to basic like French fries and spaghetti pasta and you will have a good time. On the beaches, there are not many promising restaurants but out in the city you will have quite a lot of options. The best part is that most of them are designed aesthetically. And yes they are CLEAN too.  Here I am talking about not the five star but the moderately priced ones. Another thing which I loved about eating here is that you don’t have to think about the time, you have places which are open at 1 am as well.

Basically I loved every moment of mine at this place! Even my guest house Aunty, an extremely sweet, relaxed lady. 

                                                       At Arambole Beach