Got Published!

Not exactly in the line you may think, my novel is still in the first phase. Although my first short story got published recently.

So the story goes like this...

I have been writing for my novel, the very first; an ongoing affair, quite literally. After writing about half of it, I have decided to rewrite it, owing my analyzing and criticizing habits. Finding faults with my work more than others' is something I am born with I guess. Not sure whether it is for good or bad. Another reason for this stagnation is the balance which I need to bring out, or to say find enough time from work for my story research and traveling.

So, on days, you say months, when my novel story ceased to move forward, I started writing short stories. Few just for myself; a few for publishing.

One such story is "Baba and his Stories", which did got published in the literary fiction magazine "e-fiction India". My first ever story to get a space in magazine, amidst the write-up of many brilliant writers. After all, first is always special so will be this...

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